X-Men Apocalypse (2016) Review with Spoilers


Directed by Bryan Singer

Starring:  Jennifer Lawrence and  Michael Fassbender

Plot: The film begins with a ceremony where Apocalypse is transferring his body into another vessel or whatever. But, it gets sabotaged. Apocalypse is trapped underground. Centuries go by and humans have seemingly learned to live with mutants. Magneto (Fassbender) has went into hiding after the events of Days of Future Past. Professor X has is continiuing with his school and Mystique is still saving mutants. We meet some of the students that include Cyclops, and Jean Grey.

Apocalypse’s tomb is tampered with and he is awakened. He is upset that humans rule the world. So, he decides to gather a few mutants to begin a crusade to rule the world again. He recruits Storm, Psylocke, Angel and then Magneto after his family, who he’s been living in peace with is……….don’t read on…….k?……..don’t read……are murdered after Magneto saves a man. Magneto is very open with killing humans, of course.

Mystique hears about Magneto’s family. So she heads up to meet Professor X to find Magneto. That’s when they find out about Apocalypse. The powerful mutant decides to take advantage of Xaiver’s power to make humans launch their missiles. This catches the attention of William Stryker. So, long story short and after a great moment with my favorite mutant. The mutants make their way to fight Apocalypse. Once and for all.


Review: Um, well here is the thing. The film had a slow start and was kind of slow in the middle. I’m not saying the entire movie was awful or that it was awful at all. I just felt that this film spent a little too much at doing nothing at all. Oscar Isaac did a good job as the film’s villain. I wish that he looked a little better though. To me, the film just seemed a little too destructy. I understand that that’s what Apocalypse is all about.

One of the main flaws with the film is the lack of 80s music. There are a few neat tunes, but I personally think the film would’ve improved with a better soundtrack. Let’s see, the Weapon X Wolverine scene was probably my favorite scene. I know that a lot of X-Men fans don’t like that every film is Wolverine-centric. While this wasn’t, I believe this scene kinda stole the show. I also think that Michael Fassbender did a great job again. He’s my favorite part about these prequels.

Jennifer Lawrence, Sophie Turner, and Olivia Munn were a positive. 😀 Also a positive is the costumes towards the end of the movie.


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