Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016) review with spoilers and junk


Directed by David Green

Starring  Megan Fox and Stephen Amell

Plot: A year after the turtles defeated the villianous Shredder, the heroes in the half-shell haven’t got to enjoy any praise. They are still hiding in the shadows with the fear being seen. Meanwhile. Shredder is being transported to prison for many murders. While being transported we meet Bebop and Rocksteady, two bumbling morons who look up to Shredder. We also meet Casey Jones (Amell), he’s a prison guard with dreams of becoming a detective. April O’ Neil (Fox) is trying to find out if scientist Baxter Stockman is going to attempt to free Shredder!

Shredder, of course gets free. Stockman came up with a teleportation device to help Shredder escape, instead Shredder lands in another dimension (Dimension X?) There he meets Commander Krang, a sick little brain guy. The turtles attempted to thwart Shredder’s escape, but see what happens. Anyway, Krang wants Shredder to find the other two pieces of a device that will teleport a war machine of Krang’s named the Technodrome.

Shredder is given some ooze and mutants Bebop and Rocksteady, they turn into a Warthog and Rhino. Anyway, the ooze could probably turn the turtles into humans which causes problems among the brothers. Will Shredder unleash the technodrome on Earth?


Review: I was a huge fan of the 2014 flick. I know that a lot people complained about that one and it turned out to be really enjoyable. I was looking forward to this one. I’ve been a huge TMNT fan basically my entire life. Let’s talk about the cast. Megan Fox is eye candy, she is very attractive, so there’s nothing to complain about there. Stephen Amell steps into the role of Casey Jones, everyone’s favorite hockey masked vigilante, he was very good! His mask looked awesome. Brian Tee inherits the role of the Shredder which he did good, but I’ll get into this later.

WWE superstar Sheamus and Gary Williams were awesome as Bebop and Rocksteady! They looked amazing like they were ripped right from the 80’s cartoon. Now, let’s shoot the shit about Shredder. You see, I see the Shredder as a mysterious villain. Someone who keeps his mystique. On here, you have Shredder walking around  the entire movie without the mask on. When he wore it, he looked good, but without it, he just looked like some usual Expendables villain walking around.

What I love about the turtles on here is that they’re just fun guys. Like they are close and you can tell. I think that their looks improved and so did Splinters. I noticed that Johnny Knoxville didn’t reprise his role as Leo this time around. Such a shame.

This turtles movie is what I believe the fans wanted. Fans always wanted the Technodrome, Bebop, Rocksteady and Krang. It’s so awesome to go to a toy aisle and see awesome looking Bebop and Rocksteady toys! I feel that this will be another time that people will not enjoy themselves and complain. This movie was vastly entertaining. Like, I smiled so much watching this. If I can enjoy myself, why can’t you?


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