Happy Birthday Jason Voorhees!


F13TH-UpdateA little known fact about myself is my love for the Friday the 13th franchise. I rarely speak of it at all. I’m lying. I’ve wrote a few things on the series before. Jason Voorhees is like my favorite fictional horror character. Say what you will about the series, I’ve always loved it and always found the films to be fun. While I can sort of relate to Jason. Not in the murdering teenagers every Friday the 13th way, but with his backstory.

It’s common knowledge what happens to Jason. If you don’t know, let me pull a Warner Bros/Batman origin and bring up the events. Jason drowned as a child and if you look at it through the FVJ way, Jason was constantly bullied for being different. Something most of us can say has happened at one point. Jason also saw the one person that he loved more than anything in the world get her head chopped off. That would drive any up the wall!

Yes, Jason is a murdering psychopath that has done some despicable things, like murdering a pregnant lady or appearing on Jason X. But, I always liked Jason. Most people look at Jason and say he’s nothing more than a Michael Myers rip-off. Which I can see how and why. He’s so much more. Especially in the earlier films. Jason didn’t take the slow as Christmas approach when dispatching his victim like Michael did. He took a faster route.

Jason’s kills were legendary. Like, Part II with the wheelchair kill or Part III with the handstand kill. They were inventive. I know that film critic write off this type of stuff as a sign of some sort of mental illness. It’s just an escape, it’s not real. I know that Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel had a hard time in the 80s understanding that.

Jason Voorhees became the mascot for Friday the 13th. Hockey masks are associated with psychos because of Jason. So, he needs some damn respect! I mean, we are always told to respect our elders and being 70 years old can take a lot out of you. Especially being killed every so often and being resurrected.


Here’s to 70 more years!


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