The Conjuring 2 is what horror films should be


I caught the newest Conjuring film and it was amazing. I’m not a huge fan of horror films of today. They’re either really bland/boring or just the same thing like found footage and junk. The Conjuring was an exception in 2013. It was a straight up horror film. This one was too. Earlier this year, I saw The Witch. A film that many folks praised as true horror. But, I missed anything on that film that even resembled a horror film. Watching the Conjuring 2, I saw what a horror film looks like.

The film built up suspense and actually delivered. A film that had likable characters. Terrific acting with actors who have chemistry. Scenes that made me shiver. That’s what horror is suppose to do.

The film was a great follow up and I can’t wait to see where Ed and Lorraine Warren go next. I say the 1980s?

P.S. It was neat the stuff they did for Amityville. Not a spoiler, they announced the Amityville stuff early on.

Have you seen this and what did you think of it?


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