Say hello to the Video Mummy!

A friend of mine wants to say hello. His name is Imhotape and he goes by the video mummy. Here he is…



Oh, how are you bloggers!? I’m Imhotape. I’m a huge fan of films. Especially movies that were released on VHS.  First off, I’m a Mummy. I actually died long ago. My body was wrapped up and locked away in a secret tomb. Sometime in the 1920s, an explorer by the name of I don’t know found my sarcophagus. He brought it to America and stored in the basement of his antique shop.

He passed away and the building was bought by another man in the 1980s. The man found me and opened the sarcophagus. He awoke me and I didn’t attack that man, instead I gave him a hand. Y’see, he had a video store. So, I became an employee. I loved my time at the video store.

Years went by and the video store faded away, but my love didn’t. I have made it my goal to introduce as many people to the greatest films of the VHS era. So, stay tuned.

This is Cory again. I’m not a schizo!



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