Def-Con 4 (1985) Review


Directed by Paul Donovan

Starring Tim Coate and Lenore Zann

Synopsis: Three astronauts are orbiting around Earth in a satellite. Of course, they miss Earth and stuff. Then, on Earth there is conflict between the United States and Russia. Nuclear bombs are dropped while the astronauts just watch. The three are brought back to Earth. One is attacked and another is knocked unconscious.

One lone astronaut tries to find help but is pursued by cannibals and such. He meets a man who locks him away. The astronaut tries to bargain with the man. Half the food and he’ll get a weapon. They head to the downed satellite. There they are met by a bunch of jerks who capture them and hold them captive.

The leader of the group rules with an iron fist. So, they need to take this butthole out before he does them first!


Review: You know you’re in a treat when New World Pictures is involved. The company made a living off of exploiting politics (see Godzilla 1985). The film started off pretty good. The scene where the astronauts are watching the bombs dropped is very tense and you’d figure it would only get better from there? It didn’t. When the story return to Earth, it became a pretty run of the mill apocalypse flick. Dirty folks who are always fighting other folks.

The film had some pretty good acting in it. But, the story wasn’t anything special.


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