The JAWS Franchise

I’ve finally sat and watched the entire Jaws franchise. I’ve seen a bit of the sequels over the years. Of course, I’ve watched the first every now and then. The sequels have evaded me.


Let’s take a look at the first Jaws. It’s a timeless classic. It put Steven Spielberg on the map. The film is one of the most iconic flicks ever made. Its a movie where everything came together perfectly. The acting was magnificent, basically every character gave it their all. Roy Scheider was the best. John Williams’ score is a character too. Something that is so iconic that’s it been used so many time. It’s just a great movie. ICONIC.



It’s a rule in Hollywood..any movie that is sucessful, you have to exploit everything you can. So it was no surprise that Jaws 2 was made. Roy Scheider came back and that was very welcome. It’s basically rhe same thing over again.



In the early 80s, the 3D craze was in full force. You had Friday the 13th Part III (the best 3D horror film) and countless others. So, everyone’s favorite series about a killer great white was a shoe-in. It changed up the location (SeaWorld) and added Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr. and that was awesome. It had some very neat ideas, yet bad special effects ruin this one. So many awkward moments.



Last, but not least. A film where a shark holds a personal grudge against a family. It travels long distances for revenge. ┬áIt’s not entirely bad. It also had some great moments among the characters.



I have a hope that one day someone will make another good Jaws movie. Like Jurassic World.


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