Howdy strangers! I caught a double feature earlier. I held off watching The Shallows because of work and junk, so I decided to kill two stones with one bird and watched The Purge: Election Year and The Shallows.

Let’s talk about The Shallow first, since that’s the first one I watched. The film had some very neat ideas. Blake Lively’s character was nice and of course, I can’t say too many bad things about film where BL is in a bikini for an entire movie! Anyway there are some very tense moments. The shark on this film is pretty clever. He manages to murder a few folks. One thing that stole the show was Steven Seagull (a seagull that hung out with BL’s character). BL’s character has some of the worst luck ever! It’s one of the best shark movies and that’s a small list.


Now on to Purge: Election Year. I love this series. It’s one of the few imaginitive franchises out there. This one was very entertaining and had a nice choice of terrific side characters. There were disturbing images and stuff. One thing I could’ve lived without is the Nazi symbolism, I feel that is a cheap way to make statements in movies. Also, they need to stop doing slow motion junk and having people in masks acting like total dumbasses. Other than that, it was an awesome flick. I’d be happy if this is the last of the Purge films, but I’m sure we’ll get many, many more.


It was odd, both films were pretty good. Pretty much every double feature I’ve attended has been so-so. There was Jennifer’s Body/Zombieland in 09 and then Despicable Me 2/Pacific Rim in 13. Which I love Zombieland and Pacific Rim. So, yeah, have you seen either of these?!


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