VHS Art Appreciation #2- The Willies (1990)

Hello, fiends! It’s me, Cory and I’m here with every man’s friend, The Video Mummy. Today, we’re going to share our appreciation of the art for the 1990 classic horror anthology that you probably never heard of, The Willies! In case, you’re wondering… me and The Mummy aren’t the same person.

So, back in 2003, I (Cory) bought a copy of The Willies. It was a film that I have loved since I first watched it. The film only had two stories, but we’ll or the Mummy will get into that later on 🙂


The VHS cover shows a family sitting by the campfire. Up in the sky, we can see a monster from one of the stories. The cover is kinda simple. But, it works very well. It also has SPOOOOKY FONT! The back cover shows Donkey teeth and that monster. With description on the back, it reads


Ever tried to dry your poodle in the microwave?

Ever wondered about that monster in the bathroom?

Ever seen someone killed on a carnival ride?

Ever watched a movie absolutely, positively guaranteed to give… THE WILLIES?”


You see what they did there? They give you nothing about the movie out. Which is a really cool thing to do.

Pretty much all I have to say. Do you agr…..ouch. Oh, here’s what the Video Mummy thinks about it.


Such a rude, rude boy that Cory. Hiya, guys. It’s nice to be in this magical world of wordpress or whatever. I’m wanting to share my favorite thing about the Willies cover. BUT, the alternate cover that came with this VHS. Yeah, you probably didn’t know that did you, dawg?


You see for some reason, they included another cover for the film. It was under the first. It was very shocking. This cover is more of an art. You have the three main boys in a tent, the tents opening is being opened by the monster that Cory wouldn’t shut up about. The box is yellow and the font of the Willies is oozy and purple, which is a welcomed addition to that lame cover that was on the outside.

Plus, on the back cover, we see a zombie with a comic talk bubble saying “You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll puke, you’ll die.” Because we all love to be threatened by VHS! The description on the back is just exactly like the one on the boring case. I really wonder what compelled Paramount and Prism to make an alternate cover. Was it because the other one was lame and they needed a back up?



Which cover do you prefer?  Are Cory and The Video Mummy the same person? Why are we asking you these questions?





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