7 Horrible Slasher Flicks

Slicing and dicing! The following are 7 horrible slasher flicks. The slasher is probably my favorite subgenre of horror, so this should be easy since I’ve seen a lot. I’m staying away from sequels.

1.) Trick or Treats- Boring. The best parts about this was every time Peter Jason was on screen.


2.) The Forest (1982)- Had a lame story and lame characters that came with it. The killer looks like George Lucas.


3.) Sorority House Massacre- Speaking of lame… the killer from this was as lame as could be. One of the most blantant Halloween ripoffs.

Sorority House Massacre 9


4.) Sleepaway Camp- Yep, it’s on here. I give the film some props but I can’t stand watching it. I don’t know why. The ending is good but the films tone is just too weird for me. I prefer the sequels….2 & 3 not that Survivor shit or Return to Sleepaway Camp.


5.) Memorial Valley Massacre- Hard to follow and just boring.


6.) Fade to Black- The film had a neat idea. The main character is just so annoying to watch.


7.) The Last Slumber Party- While the film didn’t have the biggest budget, it’s still so unwatchable. The killer is so lame. Him and the guy from Sorority House Massacre should hang out.



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