Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973) Review


Directed by Jun Fukuda

Starring the kid with shorts

Synopsis: The citizens of seatopia are very upset that people on land continue to screw up their land by bombs and junk, so they send their monster, Megalon to negotiate some terms. Megalon is joined by Gigan and the two make Earth wish they were never born. A robot named Jet Jaguar is used by the bad guys but then turns good and recruits Godzilla. So, it’s a tag team match with Gigan and Megalon against Godzilla and Jet Jaguar.


Review: It’s a bad movie, a bad movie that I love. I grew up watching it and I have a huge soft spot. I do wish the film focused more on Godzilla instead of Jet Jaguar. They were trying to selling him to the kids, but it backfired. Anyway, this is a good one in my opinion.


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