Things that I liked/disliked about Ghostbusters (2016) Spoilers!

Howdy strangers! How is the weekend treating you? Oh, that’s interesting. Please tell me more….Oh, well. I watched the new Ghostbuster flick. You know, THAT Ghostbusters flick. I’m going to get right into it and provide what I liked and what I disliked.

Lets start this list out with something positive.


  • Ray Parker’s Ghostbusters Theme
  • The Harold Ramis Statue Cameo (so cool!)
  • Bill Murray Cameo
  • Michael McDonald (of Mad TV fame)
  • Kristen Wiig
  • Firehouse cameo
  • Hearing the proton pack sound effect
  • DMX song
  • The ghosts looked magnificent!
  • Annie Potts cameo
  • Chris Hemsworth had a few funny moments
  • Dan Aykroyd’s cameo
  • Slimer stealing the Ecto-1
  • Stay Puft balloon
  • The No-Ghost boss 
  • Ernie Hudson’s cameo
  • Sigourney Weaver’s cameo 

Now let’s go into what I disliked. It may seem like nitpicking but meh.


  • It didn’t come on like the classic GB flicks
  • People tried too hard to be funny (which happens quite a bit)
  • Fart/Queef joke which are never funny, yet they are added to everything now
  • Rowan wasn’t very memorable as a villain
  • The origins of the No-Ghost
  • Two people died in a Ghostbusters flick. Just seems weird to me.
  • The Ozzy cameo
  • Slimer’s girlfriend
  • Ghostbusters theme by Missy Eliot and those other guys



I was actually surprised that I didn’t hate this. The films main problem was that the humor felt out of place. I laughed a few times but still. The movie was nothing special. I wasn’t expecting the Dark Knight of Ghostbusters flick. It’s just entertainment and I think if some little girls out there enjoy the movie and their childhood memories revolve around this movie, then that’s awesome!


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