What I’ve Been Watching

Howdy strangers! I have watched many things this weekend. First, it was the new Ghostbusters. Then, I began the Netflix show “Stranger Things” which premiered on Friday. I also watched that flick “The Invitation”. Read below my thoughts.


Stranger Things was a miniseries that took place in 1983. A child goes missing and his friends try their hardest to find him. They meet a strange little girl with telekinetic powers and junk.

It was a magnificent show. The intro was so cool and it felt like a early Spielberg/80’s Stephen King flick. It also felt like The Goonies and all those kid movies that came out then. So it’s a nostalgia trip. The score was neat. Great acting too.



The Invitation was a movie where a couple is invited to a home for something. Stuff happens and junk.

I lost interest with it. Kinda boring. Ending was cool though.



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