The Cornetto Trilogy and Me

Let’s take a step back to the year of 2004. I was in 8th grade and I recently got the Dawn of the Dead remake on VHS. On there was a trailer for a little film called “Shaun of the Dead”. I didn’t know anything about it. Other than it was a spoof of zombies movies. The only one that existed that I knew of was Chopper Chicks in Zombietown, a classic. Anyway, one night I rented this Shaun flick and…….I hated it. I couldn’t finish it. It was not what I expected.

Wait before you begin to burn me at the stake for some strange teenage opinions, I would later receive the film by trade about two years later. That day I gave it another re-watch and it just hit me. I loved the film. I watched it dozens of times that year. I really don’t know what I was thinking. I guess I just didn’t understand the British style of comedy the first time, but I had a more open mind the second time.

Anyway, that’s when I became a huge fan of  Pegg/Frost/Wright. I wanted more of them. My friends always spoke about some shit of a “From Dusk Till Shaun” that never got off the ground because my friends were lying sacks. Around 2006, I believe I was reading Entertainment Weekly at the local library and they had a chat with Pegg about the next film titled “Hot Fuzz”.

I was ecstatic, but I had to wait another year to watch the flick. I checked the local theater showings and nothing. Hot Fuzz didn’t come out to my theater. More important movies like Norbit and the latest Seth Rogen dopefests were taking up space. This was 2007, if you were wondering. I had to wait until it was released on DVD to watch it.

I walked in the summer heat to rent that flick. Of course, I loved it! I watched multiple times before I returned it. I believe I got the DVD a year later and I practically wore the DVD out. I WANTED MORE!!!!!!!

More years passed and there was nothing. 2009 came and nothing, 2010 came and nothing, and so on n so forth. Around 2013 was when I began to hear about the final film in the Cornetto trilogy which was bittersweet. But, I was excited!

The official title of the film was The World’s End. The trailer looked like it would deliver those classic skits we grew to love in the other films. I was hoping to catch this one at theater but I figured that my theater would lower me into the grave. Which they did, I had to ride to a far-off place to watch.

The World’s End was different yet the same (not in a bad way) it was equally funny and a magnificent end to the trilogy. Which is sad that we’ll never get another Cornetto flick. But, what a trilogy it was. Most trilogies have at least flick that isn’t too good. But, with this one, all three were great! Each film had magnificent characters and great writing. It was truly a pleasure to have these films.

I don’t know how many times I’ve watched Shaun and Hot with that little info meter that tells us little facts (one thing missing from World’s End). Listened to the commentary for each and watched all the special features. It was trilogy made by fans of movies for fans of movies. It’s a shame we don’t have more people like that. If you don’t agree then jog on, you prink!


Which film did you like the most from this epic trilogy?




featured image by  Lanka69


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