Maniac (2012) Review


Directed by Franck Khalfoun

Starring Elijah Wood

Synopsis: Elijah Wood plays Frank, a man who owns a mannequin shop. He’s very strange. He isn’t someone to act normal in public. One reason is that he stalks and kills people, he also scalps them. He meets a woman who has the same interests as him minus the mannequin murdering addiction.


Review: This is a remake of the 1980s slasher film of the same name that starred Joe Spinell. It’s only claim to fame is being violent and this remake is just as violent. If not more so. The film is shot in first person as we see Frank stalking and killing. It’s something completely different and neat. One thing that was missing was a shotgun blowing off Tom Savini’s head. But any movie where douchebag hipsters are victims is fine by me!

I noticed two nods to the original Maniac that were fun. One was when this one would be victim was describing people who go on blind dates, she basically explained Joe Spinell. The other nod was after Frank got done scalping a woman, we see the recreation of the original poster on the side of a car.

Overall, there were little minor nitpicks. Like why wasn’t there anyone ever there to help the women when being stalked in public and also in this day and age, why weren’t there any security cameras?  I can probably say this one was better than the original.

P.S. The score was great!


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