Suicide Squad: Has DC figured it out?


Howdy strangers!


Earlier this year, we saw Batman v. Superman and it felt empty. It didn’t rattle the cages like it should have. I’ve watched it again and still wasn’t amazed by it. It felt as if DC wanted to repeat what people felt was wrong with Man of Steel (a film that I liked). So, it was normal to have mixed feelings towards Suicide Squad. With DC’s track record, you’d expect another clunker.

I have some good news! This was a pretty fun movie. I was pleasantly surprised by it. I do admit that I had low standards because I didn’t care too much about the trailers, even though each trailer got better. I went in believing to see something different and they achieved that.

Sitting in the theater and watching it, I felt like this made by someone else not DC. With MOS and BvS, you had a no-nonsense environment. Everyone was always moping around like they were having a bad day, but with this you have fun characters who enjoy life (even if it’s killing people). The film was bright and colorful. Plus, it had an awesome soundtrack.

Let’s shoot the breeze about the characters. Each has their own little vices and are all completely different and yet they work together so good. My favorite was Harley Quinn. But all of the team were great. They were having a good time doing the things they were doing and they didn’t take themselves to seriously. Will Smith did a good job at being Will Smith as Deadshot. Captain Boomerang was funny and Diablo (which was the one I figured on not liking) had a lot of neat things to do. We’ll get to Killer Croc and Slipknot later. Oh, and Katana was okay with what she was given.

So, we’ve got a new joker and once they revealed him, I had mixed feelings. I still do. But, Jared Leto did very well as the clown prince of crime. Of course, Harley Quinn and Joker… I really liked the relationship between her and Mr. J. It’s a different take at the Joker.

Batman’s cameo was great. I actually wasn’t expecting Ben Affleck to actually don the cape and cowl, it’s just weird to have two films in a year that features Batman. Just really neat.  Also, another Justice League member had a cameo but it wasn’t as good.

Now, let’s speak of the stuff that I didn’t like. Killer Croc while he did some awesome things, I feel like he didn’t live to his potential. They gave him so hokey lines to speak and it felt out of place. He should have looked better as well. Slipknot was probably the worst. He was just pointless. The Enchantress wasn’t exactly the best villain while she did some interesting things, we didn’t see enough of her. Also, Amanda Waller was a very unlikable character. Didn’t like her.

I was shocked though by this. I’m a huge Marvel fan that usually adds to the fandom rivalry, but I enjoyed this film. DC…I’ll give you this one.


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