Ken Kirzinger: An Underappreciated Jason

When it was announced that Kane Hodder wasn’t going to be Jason in Freddy vs. Jason. I was shocked. The man played Jason in four films. He seemed to generally enjoy playing the character. I read the Freddy vs. Jason movie magazine and it talked about Ken Kirzinger. That he was taking up the mantle of Vooorhees. He did stunts in Friday the 13th Part 8, he even played Jason at a few parts.

I didn’t really care and still don’t care that Hodder was replaced. I respect him for the love of the character. But, Kane’s Jason always felt different and to some that always was great. Hodder was with the series for the worst films, Jason goes to Hell and Jason X. So, to see him gone was a breath of fresh air. Again, not talking bad about the man, I just wanted to see something different.

So, this Kirzinger fellow came along. His Jason was a tall, childlike Jason. Which fans forgot is what Jason is in his mind. He had a devotion to his mom like Jason would. It was good. Plus, Kirzinger’s Jason looked amazing, in my opinion. Many times I saw something different in Jason. An innocence that we saw last in the Final Chapter.

Ken did good at emotion and acting behind the mask. He seems like a nice guy that is unfairly attacked for just taking a part in a movie. If only he was directed by someone better.



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