Why Freddy vs. Jason Fell Short

Throughout the history of cinema, there have been various matchups. Frankenstein and The Wolfman. King Kong and Godzilla. But, no matchup was debated as much as Freddy and Jason. As a kid, I always wondered who would win among those two. In 1998, I heard that FVJ was coming and it didn’t.

We got the film on August 15th, 2003. It was a long time coming. I was so happy to finally see the two do battle and I admit that I loved the film. But, once I’ve grown and actually pay attention more to the film. I can totally see why this film fell short. At least to me.

As a fan of both franchises, I wondered what would these two do to each other. I expected an all out bloody brawl. Weapons, punches and foul language around every corner. The film definitely delivered on the blood. But something felt wrong about it.

The story seemed to have some solid points. The acting was questionable and if you actually think about the location of Springwood and Crystal Lake. It leaves you scratching your head. It was like no one paid any attention to the source material (as much as I personally loathe that excuse.)

A director was brought in just because of a certain style of his. Hong Kong action and junk. They brought him because of a style in another country. It shows in the fights. There’s no reason why Freddy or Jason should be flying around like Hidden Tiger, Crouching Dragon. This isn’t a martial arts movie, it’s a slasher film. The man didn’t respect the franchises enough. While it might be unfair to blame him, it was the studio who hired him, but still…

The film was made in the wrong time. Like, teenagers around this time were incredibly lame, yet FVJ made them seem lamer. FVJ felt like every other early 2000s horror film and it should have stood out.

Speaking of standing out, the special effects are abhorrent. CGI was used quite a bit. It is the same shitty CGI from Blade. Practical effects were used, but they are completely overshadowed by the video game graphics.

Let’s speak about the characters. Such clichés from that time and so unlikable. Correct me if I’m wrong, but were any of the characters from each film series so annoying? I don’t think so. Freddy and Jason were the only characters that didn’t suck.

Overall, what we got was a cheap cash in that we all accepted. A film that didn’t fully understand what we wanted. A film that tried to be too complicated. A film that took so long to make but felt so rushed. If only they made this in the 80s.,,,


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