Top 7 Episodes of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead will be going into its seventh season this year. It’s the one show that made horror cool again on TV. No, it wasn’t Supernatural, it was this. While the show has terrific writing, you will always see some person who claims that the show doesn’t have good writing, that they have wrote many scripts that are betterer and prettier than this. Regardless, I’m going to run through my favorite episodes of the Walking Dead.

7.) Days Gone Bye (S1E1)- We start the list off strong with the debut that got us hooked. The pilot episode. We’re introduced to Rick Grimes. The moment where Rick rides into Atlanta is probably one of the most iconic images from the show. Plus, you had the first little girl zombie that Rick ran into which packs an emotional punch and sets up what we’re in store for.


6.) Beside the Dying Fire (S2E13)- The finale for season 2 brought a huge horde of walkers. We have our survivors scrambling to gather up while the Greene family farm falls. A lot of pointless characters get killed which was good.


5.) Live Bait (S4E6)- After the events of The Governor’s failed attempt to kill our heroes at the prison, we see the Governor as a lonely man wandering the streets of Woodbury after everyone left him. Sort of makes you feel sorry for the poor guy. We feel that he’s changing. He finds a new family and junk. Emotional stuff. Also, had that Last Pale Light in the West song on it.


4.) What Lies Ahead (S2E1)- The first episode of the second season is a tense one for sure. The gang gets stuck in traffic while a herd of walkers makes everything rough. Sophia makes a run for the woods and Rick goes after her. He tells her to go back to the group, but she doesn’t. The entire season our heroes look for the little girl…


3.) Pretty Much Dead Already (S2E7)- As I said, what took a half a season to build to, really punched you in the gut on this episode. Sophia has been in the barn at the Greene family farm as a walker. Which is sad to know. It’s perhaps the heartbreaking episode that you can relate to the characters with. And Rick say “Don’t do this, Brother”


2.) Prey (S3E14)- This episode is a simple one. We have Andrea making a run for the prison while the Governor pursues her. We get terrifying moments. I just really liked the locations for this one. The feeling of it was swell. It also had a great score.


Honorable Mentions:

Seed (S3E1)

The Distance (S5E11)

A (S5E16)

Consumed (S5E6)

Coda (S5E8)

1.) No Sanctuary (S5E1)- The previous season finale made us want more. Many months would go by and anticipation built. We got the most action packed opener of all time. The episode started off shocking with the Terminus Termites slaughtering folks and then a propane explosion by Carol. With our gang murdering cannibals left and right. We also had a tense moment with Tyreese and some guy with gum. It’s my personal favorite episode that made me excited for Season 5 which is my favorite of all seasons.



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