Top 7 Worst Episodes of the Walking Dead

While it’s currently my favorite show on television at the moment, it’s not without its faults. I will be taking a shot at those fans who believe every episode of TWD is a masterpiece. It’s not and these are what I truly believe to be the worst episodes. So don’t riot.

7.) What Happened and What’s Going On? (S5E9)- Now, the midseason finale had the death of a character that deserved it. Then when we return they kill off one of my favorites. Bad thing was they didn’t have anything huge for him. I’m talking of course about Tyreese.


6.) Coda (S5E8)- The episode that was spoiled for many people in another time zone. They killed off Beth. Someone who could’ve lived but she wasted everyone’s time. Just an episode that was wasted.


5.) Indifference (S4E4)- The episode where Rick kicks Carol out for killing Tyreese’s gf and junk. It had those two hippies who had veggies or fruit or shit.


4.) Still (S4E12)- A Beth episode. Just an episode of her wanting to have a drink of alcohol. That’s it.


3.) Inmates (S4E10)- This episode was all over the place. Sgt. Abraham and the gang appear on here. About the only thing that was decent.


2.) Dead Weight (S4E7)- While I loved the Governor-centric first episode, the second episode was unnecessary. I feel that most of the Governor always needing to be power was much-needed but still, it dragged.


1.) Here’s Not Here (S6E4)- Now, Morgan is a character that I like. But to give him an hour and thirty minutes is complete nonsense. I kinda enjoyed some of the montage stuff. The episode went on too long and had no point. Also, this came a week after Glenn was supposedly killed off.



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