Don’t Breathe was People Under The Stairs with a Blind Man (Spoilers)

Howdy strangers! I am still alive! I recently caught that movie that everyone has been praising “Don’t Breathe”. Now, I actually enjoyed the film. I really did!

Now, first off, everyone did a very good job in the film. The lights out scene was truly suspenseful. Jane Levy was marvelous! I really wish she were cast in more movies. I enjoyed her role in the Evil Dead remake/sequel/whatever. Stephen Lang was also a very strong and menacing character.

While watching it though, I really noticed the parallels with another one film. A film that I absolutely love. Wes Craven’s People Under the Stairs. Let’s go over the basics of PUTS. The film is about people who are down on their luck. Three people to be exact. They get a hint about a house that may be loaded with valuables. So, they bypass a guard dog and two burglars get dispatched. While there are kidnapped people under the floor (or stairs) The home has bars on the windows and the people who live in the home are well armed. Plus, our hero escapes within the walls.


So, basically everything that I wrote is also a synopsis for Don’t Breathe. But instead of two insane folks who might be brother and sister, yet act like mommy and daddy and replace them with a blind war vet, it’s the same movie, more or less. Not really a bad thing, it’s my favorite Wes Craven flick. But, one thing that sets this apart is the suspense. One of the only films in recent memory to have me in that certain state where I don’t want anything to happen, but I do? If that makes any sense. ¬†Anyway, the film was good and very disturbing at some parts. I do recommend.



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