9/11- Fifteen Years Later

Everyone knows where they were that day. It’s without a doubt, one of the saddest days in America’s history. I’m going to share where I was that day.

I was in 5th grade and I went to school at Stanton Elementary. It was a normal day. It was a Tuesday and I had a speech therapy class, I had trouble with my th’s and junk. Another kid and me were going to another building. The boy decided to play a prank. He hid behind a tree. Boy was that teacher mad. He said that today wasn’t a day to do this. I didn’t understand this. After the class, we were in a reading class. I was sitting in the back and on the TV was the World Trade Center. It was smoking. Both towers. The newsperson kept saying that this was a terrorist attack. Kids being kids thought they said tourists. Other kids were talking about this being the end of the world.

Watching the events were strange enough. Then, the tower collapsed. We didn’t know what happened. It was so odd to be in a classroom and basically watching people die. So, strange. I can’t remember too much after that. I felt as if World War III was going to happen. I was scared. I came home that day and I was excited because we were going to the fair. We headed up to the fairground. Cars were driving back. They had cancelled it. So when I got home, I rode my bike thinking. Thinking about the world.

This was the first time that I felt this way. This event sort of gave me a chance to look at the world in a different light. I thought about the people who lost their life. I thought about the chances of more of this happening. Things that a 5th grade student shouldn’t be thinking about.

I had a feeling of being a patriot. Like, I supported America a lot more. I wore America flag things, used American flag pins. It was a change. The world continued to get scarier.

Evey year, we reflect. I still am saddened by the events.



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