At Least It Was Better Than Book of Shadows: Blair Witch (2016) Review

An announcement that was a total surprise. A sequel to the 1999 smash hit “The Blair Witch Project” was on its way. It completely surprised the horror community. We all thought it was going to be a movie called “The Woods”. I was looking forward to this flick. The film was from Adam Wingard, who had two amazing flicks under his belt, The Guest (2014) and You’re Next (2011). The trailers sold me and I couldn’t wait to see it.

So, to get into the mood for Blair Witch, I watched the previous flicks. The Blair Witch Project and its horrible sequel, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2. I felt like this film was going to be better than Book of Shadows. That’s basically a given teehee. So, anyway as I purchased my ticket, I checked to see if I had a spare pair of underwear. The Blair Witch Project is a film that legit scared me. Scared me as an adult man. So this one would have to make a pudding in a my drawers, right?

The film started and I had to suffer through the trailers which gave me a bad taste. Horror trailers are so horrible now, but that’s another story. The film itself set up the tropes that have been defined by the sub-genre of found footage. You had the person who constantly films every single event. The person who denies that anything is wrong. It had it all.

This film had a reliance on jump scares. Horror films are nothing more than those anymore. That gets a pass. There were some very unsettling moments. Some gross out moments and it even had little quick moments that gave me a chuckle. But nowhere in this were any of the characters relatable. I didn’t care about the reason why these characters went into the woods. I didn’t care about they were picked off.

This film didn’t stand out. It felt like any other found footage. TBWP was a fresh idea. I was at least hoping it would’ve continued that with this. It was the same movie at the end of the day as TBWP. The film just came out 17 years too late. Because we’ve seen this all before. Still, it was better than Book of Shadows.


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