The 6th Annual October Photo Challenge

October which brings many traditions, much like last year and every year since 2011, I have participated in the October Photo Challenge. 31 days of categories and junk, if you are interested, here is the list. Hope you enjoy it!

Oct. 1st- First horror film you watched in October or last in September                                 Oct. 2nd- Favorite scary cartoon or animated film
Oct. 3rd- Favorite Werewolf film
Oct. 4th- Least favorite Werewolf film
Oct. 5th- Favorite Vampire film
Oct. 6th- Least favorite Vampire film
Oct. 7th- Favorite Horror Comedy
Oct. 8th- Least favorite Horror Comedy
Oct. 9th- Favorite Zombie film
Oct. 10th- Least favorite Zombie film
Oct. 11th- Favorite Slasher film
Oct. 12th- Least favorite Slasher film
Oct. 13th- Favorite Giant Monster film
Oct. 14th Least favorite Giant Monster film
Oct. 15th- Favorite Alien film
Oct. 16th- Least favorite Alien film
Oct. 17th- Favorite Stephen King film/tv series
Oct. 18th- Least favorite Stephen King film/tv series
Oct. 19th- Horror show that you like
Oct. 20th- Horror show that you dislike
Oct. 21st- Best or worst acting in a horror film
Oct. 22nd- Favorite nerd character from a horror film
Oct. 23rd- Random lesser known horror villain
Oct. 24th- One character that didn’t deserve to die in a horror film
Oct. 25th- Favorite Halloween episode of a TV show
Oct. 26th- Least favorite special effects in a horror/Sci-fi film
Oct. 27th- Favorite special effects in a horror/sci-fi film
Oct. 28th- An item from a horror film that you’d love to own
Oct. 29th- A horror film location that you’d love to visit
Oct. 30th- Last horror film you watched at the theater
Oct. 31st- Most iconic scene from a horror film


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