Frankenstein (1931) 31 for 31 Review



Directed by James Whale

Starring Boris Karloff and Colin Clive

Synopsis: Henry Frankenstein (Clive) and his hunchback assistant, Fritz have been robbing graves and gathering as many body parts as he can to create life. Some think he is crazy and they may be right! But, he succeeds in bring a dead body to life. The monster is calm until he’s brought to the point of murder. He escapes from Castle Frankenstein and does awful things.

Review: The most iconic and still the greatest Frankenstein film ever made. The film is perfect from start to finish. It’s very atmospheric and has terrific acting. There are many moments of great acting by Karloff and the gang. Although, it was made in 1931, I find the part creepy when the monster kills the doctor that was going to dismantle him. It’s a film where nobody wins. Truly one of the greatest monster films ever made!


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