The Bat People (1974) 31 for 31 Review



Directed by Jerry Jameson

Starring Stewart Moss and Marianne McAndrew

Synopsis: Dr. Beck (Moss) and his new wife are playing around in a cave. There, he is bit by a bat. He is treated for rabies. He begins to act funny and he attributes it to the rabies. Yet, he begins to go nuts at night and attack people. He slowly turns into a bat. Meanwhile, the local sheriff isn’t having any of it. He threatens the mans wife and all that junk. Can the madness be stopped?

Review: Decided to review something that I have never watched before. Gives me a fresh take. So, one thing that I have a huge problem is the story. Yeah, he’s bitten by a bat. But why does he turn into a bat? It makes no sense. If there were the tiniest bit of explanation about it, I’d give it a pass. You could think that there are tons of people who turn into bats by being bit this one. Another flaw is the music. It’s one of those that plays nice music at silly times. I found myself laughing at this.

Other than that, there were a fair share of creepy moments. The design for “Bat Man” is pretty decent, done by a young Stan Winson. Fun film at parts, but drags towards the end.


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