Night of the Demons (1988) 31 for 31 Review


Directed by Kevin S. Tenney

Starring Linnea Quigley and Amelia Kinkade

Synopsis: A group of rowdy teens decide to spend the night in an old funeral home. Its a place where demons roam freely! No telling what will happen!

Review: One of my favorites! I grew up watching this and the second. It’s just one of those fun horror movies that you just can’t get today. Plus, if you’re a teenager, you’ll like all the naughty stuff. Oh and how can I forget the opening titles sequence? one of the best out there along with a great soundtrack. Definitely one of the best 80s movies. If you need a quadruple bill, watch Night of the Demons 1 & 2 with Slumber Party Massacre 1 & 2. A great bill if you ask me.


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