Once Bitten (1985) 31 for 31 Review

Directed by Howard Storm

Starring Jim Carrey and Lauren Hutton

Synopsis: An aging countess vampire (Hutton) needs the blood of a virgin to keep her looks. But, she has trouble finding one in 1980s Los Angeles. So, in comes Mark (Carrey) who is sexually frustrated goes to a bar with his friends to find some women. Mark and the vampire are alone and she bites him. He slowly becomes a vampire as she needs to bite him two more times. Can Mark be saved?!

Review: Underrated is a word for this. Carrey steals the show like always. He has great charisma on screen. This is definitely one of my favorites of his. The films has plenty of laughs and plenty of neat 80s tunes. If you can find a copy, buy it an give it a watch!


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