976-Evil (1988) 31 for 31 Review


Directed by Robert Englund

Starring Stephen Geoffreys and Lezlie Deane

Synopsis: Hoax lives with an overly religious mother. He gets bullied at school. So, when he discovers a card with a number for a hotline, he gives it a call. Soon, he is given powers to defend himself. He becomes an evil man.

Review: Been a few years since I last watched this. Decent little movie and a good directorial debut from Robert Englund. It has a neat premise. I kinda feel like the first half of the film is better than the last. It gets into a stereotypical Elm Street style finale with e becoming a knock-off Freddy Krueger. One thing that I always liked from this is the posters hanging in the theater. A very visible Fright Night poster can be seen.


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