Cat’s Eye (1985) 31 for 31 Review


Directed by Lewis Teague

Starring Drew Barrymore and James Wood

Synopsis: Three stories revolve around a cat going from place to place. The stories include a quit smoking company that’ll go to great lengths to make people stop smoking, a rich guy forcing a man to walk on the ledge of a skyscraper and a little troll terrorizing a little girl.

Review: When I was a child, I always remembered seeing this at the video store. I never wanted to watch it because I thought the cat was going to get hurt. So, this year I decided to watch and while there was a moment where the cat had some troubles, I can say that this was a pretty good movie. The three stories were very interesting. My personal favorite was the Quitters Inc., but all of them were really good. Honestly, one of the better Stephen King flicks.


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