Strange Things Happen: Doctor Strange Review (Spoilers, I guess)

Howdy strangers! Hope that your weekend is off to a good start. It’s that time again, Marvel Studios released their superhero flick, Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange is honestly one of the few Marvel characters that I hardly know about. I know he’s a sorcerer and all that jazz. He also has some wicked facial hair. So, I went into this movie with no knowledge of the character.

The film revolves around brilliant neurosurgeon named Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). He’s a dick who only looks out for himself. Long story short, he gets into a horrific car crash that disfigures his hands, which were very vital to his work. He hears of a place that could help in Nepal. There, he meets a bunch of mystical beings which he believes are crazy fools. But, soon his mind changes and decides to train along side the sorcerers.

The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) warns about a former sorcerer and his intent on unleashing a dark realm on Earth. Of course, one of the few things I do know about Strange is that his major villain is Dormammau, who is here. Mads Mikkelson stars as the films main villain as well.

Of all the superhero films that came out this year, this is the one that I didn’t have any feeling towards. I felt that it was going to be a good movie and all. But, I was pleased with this one. Cumberbatch did a very good job at the role. What stole the show for was the visuals. It was probably one of the prettiest Marvel movies to date. When Strange takes a trip on the wild side, it’s so breathtaking, the colors and all. Just when you think the superhero genre is stale, Marvel comes along and refreshes it.

My least favorite parts of the film were the attempt at humor. I chuckled at a few things, but mostly the joke fell flat to me.Most amusing part was a groundhog day-esque scene with Strange and Dormammau. Also, the villains man. Like with other Marvel films, the villain are under utilized. This is a problem that needs to be fixed. If only Marvel can use some great villains and not some throwaway, I would be happy. I want the hero to actually face someone who is a threat towards our hero.

All in all, the film was very fun. Happy to say that Marvel won this year again (Sorry, DC). Neat to know that Doctor Strange will probably be a household name.


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