13 Days of Christmas- The Brain (1988)

On the fourth days of Christmas, my true love gave to me…. A brain alien who uses telekinesis to rule the world.


Directed by Edward Hunt

Starring Tom Breznahan

Synopsis: Some strange goings on happen at an institute for thought control. A teenager takes part in his the experiment and awful stuff happens.

Review: Looking up films that took place during Christmas, this one popped up. So, I watched it. Well, it was a film with guts. It had an impressive premise but kinda didn’t go that beyond b movie style. I thought it was funny every time the brain would get people to kill people, they culprit would blame someone else. Just thought it was funny that people were saying “So and so chopped his head off or cut em in half with a chainsaw”

Plus, there’s a warning at the end of the film. Very thoughtful of them.


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