13 Days of Christmas- The Munsters: Scary Little Christmas (1996)

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… The Munsters saving Christmas!


Directed by Ian Emes

Starring Ann Magnuson

Synopsis: Eddie Munster is sad because his family moved away from Transylvania. So, Herman and the family try to cheer him up. Grandpa accidentally teleports Santa Claus into his dungeon. Thus endangering Christmas from not coming.

Review: The Munsters is one of the best shows out there and I’m not very open to people playing the iconic family. They tried that numerous times. There’s just something about other people playing the Munsters. But, I gave this a shot. It was mildly amusing. The man who played Herman did well and he looked like Fred Gywnne at various moments, didn’t really have the voice though. Ann Magnuson had Lilly’s mannerisms done very well. Probably the best out of the bunch.

It had many moments that felt like the show. Many moments that didn’t feel like it. But, I guess that I am happy the Munsters were still around in the 1990s. Far better than that 1313 Mockingbird Lane pilot from a few years ago.


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