Video Game Review: Battlefield 1

While I had plans to review more video games. I just never really got around to it. So, here’s one. Battlefield 1.

The Battlefield games are pretty fun. My first introduction was with Battlefield: Bad Company 2. A game that I loved. I’ve played about two or three of the games in the series. But, this one had my interests peaked. A game taking place in World War 1? Every game now usually takes place in the future, so I was happy with the change of pace.

Like I said, it’s WW1. The game has a unique feature at the beginning. You play as multiple characters because of death. Then, we get the game. It’s five stories all in different parts of the world. There are stories centered around tanks, planes, Lawrence of Arabia and so on and so forth.

The gameplay is fluent. Very easy to understand. The graphics were breathtaking. The game had a great attention to detail. The stories were all strong.

Bad things, the campaigns were short. Like not entirely worthy of the price. I understand this is a multiplayer game. Which the MP is pretty fun.

Overall, fun game, short campaign, decent MP.


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