Thoughts: Rogue One (SPOILERS)

Hello young padawans!

Well, it’s that time of the year. It would seem as if I have started many blogs with that line. But… STAR WARS. This weekend we see the release of the Rogue One. The first of an anthology series set in the Star Wars universe.

I, for one am a huge SW fan. Ever since childhood. I love the originals and the prequels (well Revenge of the Sith). So, anything SW is an automatic boner alert.

Lets skim the plot. The empire takes a scientist and forces him to help develop the Death Star. The daughter of the scientist runs away and grows up. Well, she is brought in by the rebels and junk. A whole assassination plot is brought up and junk. So, she helps the rebellion steal the plans for the Death Star.

It’s a standard type of action film. It was so awesome to see stormtroopers though and the completion of the death star. In this film, you get an actual look of the terror the massive space station is. Like, jeez. But overall, this feels more like a SW film that Force Awakens did.

The cast did very well. I liked characters that I wouldn’t really like. I fell in love with Felicity Jones’ character, Jyn Erso. Director Krennic was a good villain. BUT DOWN BELOW WITH MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!


Of course, A NEW HOPE had one of the most iconic villains that wasn’t Vader with Grand Moff Tarkin, played brilliantly by the late Peter Cushing. They CGI’d him and they did very well with it. So weird to be watching a film in 2016 with Cushing on it. Also, VADER was on the film. I smiled when I first saw him and it was cool that they brought some of George Lucas’ old ideas on this film (Vader living on a volcano planet in a castle). To see a new SW film with Vader being voiced by James Earl Jones was amazing. Then, there was another quick cameo by Princess Leia.

The best part of the film was at the end with Vader killing a bunch of rebel guards. Something that I always wanted to see. That almost killed me.

The film may be fan service but I had a great time. I loved the film and will probably go to the theater multiple times to watch it.


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