Video Game Review: Dead Rising 4

The boys or girls over at Capcom released the fourth entry (or seventh) in their highly popular series “Dead Rising”. Now, I wasn’t normally for Dead Rising and all. I had complications with the games and felt they were just fun for the zombie killing.

But boy was I in for a treat with this one.

In the game, you play as Frank West. The main character from the first game in 2006. He’s brought back to the Willamette mall (from the first game) after a zombie outbreak happens around black Friday. So, he has to get to the bottom of it. Like always, there are maniacs, military bad guys and of course, millions of zombies.

I really liked that they got rid of the time limit feature that really gave me problems in the old days. The weapons are fun and zombie killing is well, great! Also, the unnecessarily OP bosses are gone and to some would seem like a bad thing. The difficulty is what makes Capcom, Capcom. Y’know, you use every weapon on one person who is impervious to bullets and knives. That’s always been another major flaw with Dead Rising and Resident Evil, who is also made by Capcom.

Final words on the game. The game has a nice enthralling story with a great cast. It doesn’t really move the series forward any. But, I do love the Christmas setting. That was the major selling point.


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