Best and Worst Films of 2016!

We’re nearing the end of 2016. Like always, we’re looking back at the films of the year.

Let’s get the worst out of the way.

Worst Superhero Film- Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Honestly, this should’ve been the greatest superhero film of all time. But, it was very lackluster and not very entertaining. The two actors playing the heroes were good, but that wasn’t enough to make this one good.

Worst Comedy- Ghostbusters (2016)

Now I’m not going to completely bash this film. I actually enjoyed it a little bit. Like most comedy films, this tried very hard to bring the jokes at you. Very unfunny.

Worst Sequel-  Blair Witch 

Truly hyped for this one. It also fell very flat. More of a rehash of The Blair Witch Project. Had moments of creepy. Just not very good.

Worst Horror film/Worst film of the year- The Witch (2016)

Yeah, yeah. I know that people liked this one. I can understand why. I personally didn’t care for it. Not because of my IQ or whatever. It just didn’t feel like a horror film to me. This movie had great acting and stuff, but nothing happened to make me feel like this was a horror film. The film started off depressing, the middle was depressing and the ending was depressing. Not my particular taste for a horror film.


Now let’s lighten things up.. On to the best.

Best Comedy- Deadpool

It’s a superhero film, I know. I honestly haven’t laughed in the theater like I did with this. It was hilarious and I can’t wait to see more Deadpool.

Best Sequel- Ouija: Origin of Evil

I have not seen the first. I don’t really want to. This one was too good and from what I hear, the first was unwatchable. I couldn’t believe this was as good as it was. I was expecting to be let down.

Best Science Fiction- Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

While the characters may not be good, the film had moments that were a spectacle to see.

Best Horror film- The Conjuring 2

What my problem was with the Witch, the fact there were no moments of levity. I love movies that take a break from depression to show a lighter side. I don’t go to the movies to be reminded that life sucks. Conjuring 2 had moments of awful stuff, yeah, but the characters were so likable and did stuff that made the movie much more enjoyable to watch. I know that may not make sense. But go and watch Patrick Wilson singing Elvis and tell me that doesn’t make you feel good.

Other films that need some recognition: Suicide Squad, The Shallows, Purge: Election Year, Hush.

Best Film of the Year/Superhero film- Captain America: Civil War

No movie has come close to being as good Civil War was. This movie was so powerful and smart. Just when you think the superhero genre is dead or out of steam, Marvel comes in and completely ups the ante.


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