What If?- Creighton Duke was Reggie the Reckless

Happy Friday the 13th!

Let’s chat about a theory that I’m sure a lot of people have probably discussed. I haven’t seen anything. So, buckle yourself in and enjoy the ride!!


Backstory- Reggie the Reckless was a child when he stayed at Pinehurst development center. His grandfather was the cook there. Tommy Jarvis, who killed Jason Voorhees was sent to the center to rehabilitate. Well, a fat boy is murdered by an ax wielding psycho and this causes a mild-mannered ambulance driver to don the hockey mask and kill in the name of Jason. Reggie helps defeat the killer and nothing else is said.

Okay, Creighton Duke’s turn. Not much is really known about Creighton. Except the fact that he knows a lot about Jason. Seeming to have a personal vendetta against Jason. He’s a bounty hunter who is quite famous for his tactics.  A very rich man too.

Now let us dig into the meat and potatoes of this theory. Both Reggie and Creighton are very similar. They are smartasses and tend to joke around. One would say, how does Reggie become Creighton? Well, an event would have to happen, Reggie’s grandfather and brother are slain by Burns who is “Jason”. This always hangs with him. He toughens up so no one will fuck with him. Becomes a bounty hunter and changes his name. Because Reggie the Reckless isn’t the most badass name in the world, so now it’s Creighton Duke.

Creighton makes a name for himself by bringing in very dangerous criminals, murderers and drug dealers. Meanwhile, there are murders in Crystal Lake by Jason. Which obvisously makes him think of imposters because the whole actual idea of a reanimated corpse walking around killing people is silly. Yet, Creighton investigates it. He reads about the occult and everything.

Eventually, he comes to the crazy conclusion that Jason has been killing people the entire time. Even when he was child. Roy Burns was somehow possessed by Jason. The man tooks a lot of damage that the human body can’t withstand, look at the people who were possessed by Jason in goes to Hell. Duke discovers the true way to destroy Jason. By having a member of Voorhees’ family kill him. Which causes him to head to Crystal Lake and seek out the lost sister of Voorhees.

Creighton watches the FBI blow the fuck out of Jason. Which Duke knew wouldn’t do shit. So, if you’ve seen Jason goes to Hell, you know what happens in between. So, Duke comes face to face with the newly reincarnated Jason. He handcuffs himself to the undead killer, uttering the words, “Remember me?”. Duke has spent most of his life waiting for this moment. His family was murdered and on that night, Duke would help Jason go straight to hell.

What do you think? Too asinine like the whole body to body stuff like Jason goes to Hell?

Anyway hope you enjoyed this and happy Friday the 13th again!


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