The Kong Movies: A Reflection

Hello everybody! It’s been a long time. Um well, I’ve been busy with my life (what life?) I had planned on giving the Kong films another watch, but I just haven’t had time with that. So, I’m going to reflect on them instead. Strap in.

Before I had watched any Kong films, I was introduced to the giant ape by way of the Crestwood Monster  Series book of the same name.

King Kong (1933)- Now, this is hands down, one of the most important films of all time. With groundbreaking effects for the time and a strong story to boot. We see a film crew heading to Skull Island, an island inhabited by large creatures. King Kong rules over them all. He’s taken from his island to New York and he climbs the Empire State Building. Almost a hundred years and that is one of the most iconic things still. This film is magnificent. Strongly acted and of course, the effects. Without this film, there would be no Godzilla, Cloverfield or any other giant monster film.


Son of Kong- I haven’t watched this film that much. Last time that I did was in 2014 and it broke my heart. The film was rushed and I say they did very well. Although, it’s not as good, it is still a good film. Yet heartbreaking…


King Kong vs. Godzilla- The Kong film that I have watched the most. It’s a classic clash between the worlds most famous giant monsters. Kong’s costume wasn’t good though and it’s a bit hokey. Still one of the most fun monster flicks ever.


King Kong Escapes- Much like Son of Kong, I have only watched this once. I really enjoyed it though. It was really good. I love the fight between Kong and Mechani-Kong on Tokyo Tower, one of the best monster fights out there.

maxresdefault (1)

King Kong (1976)- The first Kong film I saw. Caught it as a kid on TV.  Basically the same premise as 1933, but a few things were changed. It’s underrated but I really like it. The finale was heartbreaking….like always.


King Kong Lives- This film gets a lot of hate. I just don’t think it’s bad. Yeah, it’s a bit odd. But you get to see Kong fuck some rednecks up and that’s great! Sad ending 😦


The Mighty Kong- Often forgot, this was an animated feature. While it is very forgettable, I liked it. Very family friendly though.


King Kong (2005)- Last but very least is Peter Jackson’s Kong flick. The movie isn’t that bad. It just drags on and on. But, I think this Kong is the most likable and his death is most heartbreaking. The film just recycled 1933. Don’t hate it though.

maxresdefault (2).jpg


What’s your favorite Kong film? Are you excited for Kong: Skull Island? I am sure am..


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