What if?- Freddy Krueger wasn’t burned alive?

What’s up, clicka’s?

It’s Cory again. I’ve got something in my pocket for you. Oh, it’s another WHAT IF?

Freddy Krueger. We all know the name. We know his story. If you don’t, strap yourself in. There are apparently different versions of Freddy. Wes Craven’s original idea was that Fred Krueger was just some homeless guy while later movies gave Krueger a job. So, anyway, Krueger kidnaps and murders kids in Ohio. He’s arrested, but there’s an error in the arrest. Krueger is set free. Parents get pissed and light that fucker up. He comes back in the nightmares and history is made.

Scenario #1- Freddy goes to Jail

Okay. So, the police in Springwood made a mistake of not signing search warrant in the right place and this doesn’t help matters. First, they make sure the warrant is signed. Krueger is arrested and put on trial. A long trial which is emotional for the parents. Freddy’s lawyers say he’s insane, which he is.. He takes the stand and taunts the parents. Anyway, the judge finds Krueger guilty and sends him to life in prison.

Krueger spends the rest of his life in jail. While in jail many things could happen. Let’s say, he’s quiet and keeps to himself. Makes a few friends. He still has murderous tendencies. He kills one of his roommates in his sleep. Or he could find religion and live his life peacefully. Or he could get beat to death by a mother fucker named Rodney.

Scenario #2- Freddy leaves town and continues his madness

Let’s say after Freddy is released from jail after that mistake, he leaves town. After leaving Springwood, he causes havoc in Cincinnati, then Columbus, then goes to other states. It would be like Freddy: Portrait of a Serial Killer. He kills and kills some more. Until one night, he’s shot and killed. As he’s laying there, a man walks up. Krueger asks him what his name is. The man says “A mother fucker named Rodney”

Scenario #3- Torture

The parents want revenge and when Freddy is released. They kidnap him and torture him. Oh, the worst ways imaginable. Freddy laughs through the pain. They removed his finger nails. Pull his teeth out and break his kneecaps. He is attended to medically so the parent unleash their rage on him. Freddy succumbs to death. They bury him. Then, their other kids start dying in their nightmares. They are tormented by Freddy who has no finger nails or teeth who walks with a limp.



These scenarios good? You have any sure to share them in the comments.


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