Shin Godzilla (2016) Review


Director(s): Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi

Starring Takumi Saito

Synopsis: One day in the bay of Tokyo, there is a disturbance. Then, a monster crawls out of the sea. They name it Godzilla and it’s seemingly unstoppable. It threatens the world. So a plan needs to be hatched to stop it.

Review: I didn’t like this. I gave it a shot and didn’t care about. As a fan, it’s not what I want from a Japanese Godzilla film. But anyway. The film was very boring. It took a page from Godzilla (2014) and cut away from the stuff that wasn’t boring. It was all about politics. I figured one day that Toho would stop making miniatures and Godzilla costumes. Of course, the CGI wasn’t great. There was good CGI though.

They used music cues and sound effects from the older films which was good, but they felt out-of-place. Overall, I hate the way this Godzilla was designed and so all I have to say is #NotMyGodzilla … It’s bad when the America made a better Godzilla film than the Japanese. SMH.


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