Thoughts: Death Wish Remake Trailer

The Death Wish trailer dropped today and the following are my thoughts and feelings with the trailer. Sharing your feelings can be a positive experience.

So, it’s really no secret that Charles Bronson is my favorite actor and that Death Wish is my one of my favorite Bronson films. The entire series is fun and a magnificent watch if you have time. I remember when I first got into the series in High School, it was neat discovery.

There were rumblings of a remake back then, but with Sylvester Stallone as Kersey and it never went through. Then, there was the Kevin Bacon film, Death Sentence which was a good film, highly recommended. There was also The Brave One with Jodie Foster which was basically a remake. So it was going to eventually happen.

After the 2012 film, The Grey with Liam Neeson was released, the director of that film came out saying he was going to remake it. Years passed by and nothing more was ever said. Until casting news came out of nowhere. It started up with rumors of Bruce Willis as Paul. Which I had problems with. Then, Eli Roth was announced as the director which became an even bigger problem.

Let me just say, I have nothing against Willis or Roth. I have a huge amount of respect for them. I just feel like things could be done differently. I would’ve went another route of casting for Paul Kersey. I would choose a man you wouldn’t expect to turn to vigilantism and director who has more experience with crime drama.

Anyway, let’s talk about the trailer. They hit all the points. This film is set in Chicago which at first I didn’t like but it makes sense. The Brave One got attacked for being set in New York since it had a lack of crime. Kersey’s family is attacked and he buys a gun. He becomes a hero of the town as he hunts down those who killed his wife.

They chose a different profession for Paul, instead of being an architect, he’s a surgeon which is an interesting take. The trailer shows Vincent D’Onfrio and that bald guy from Breaking Bad. I thought either of them were going to be Frank Ochoa, but they aren’t which is a damn shame.

They used an AC/DC song for the trailer which would be cool if this was the mid 2000s. That was actually my only flaw with the trailer. Overall, I am actually looking forward to it. I just hope the film will be great and hope there are plenty of Bronson easter eggs.


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