Top 5 best Stephen King Film Adaptations

Like always, with the 5 worst, comes the 5 best.

5.) Christine- John Carpenter. Rock n Roll music. Nuff said.


4.) Salem’s Lot (1979)- Without a doubt, the scariest vampire ever. Directed by the great Tobe Hooper to boot.


3.) The Shining (1980)- Once long ago, I hated this film. It has slowly became one of my favorites. I love the acting especially from Jack Nicholson. The setting is also great.


2.) IT (1990)- The film that made an entire generation even more afraid of clowns. This film which was a miniseries much like Salem’s Lot, it built up everything perfectly. Regardless of your thoughts on the ending, Tim Curry is magnificent as Pennywise. Another amazing soundtrack, also the cast is great. My man John Ritter!


Honorable mentions: 11-22-63, Cat’s Eye, Creepshow, Pet Sematary, Maximum Overdrive, The Green Mile

1.) Silver Bullet- This is one that is often overlooked. By King fans and by werewolf fans. It’s my favorite because I have such a great time with it. This has what I believe to be one of the greatest casts in history. The werewolf looks good and hell it’s a Halloween tradition to watch it.

silver bullet 3


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