Night Creatures (1962) 31 for 31 Review

Directed by Peter Graham Scott

Starring Peter Cushing

Synopsis: The King’s Royal Navy lands in a small village. They are on the hunt for a pirate who caused them some grief.  They are met by the kindly Priest in the village named Dr. Bliss (Cushing). The commander believes that “Captain Clegg” wasn’t hanged long ago, but still living and still smuggling.

Review: With the synopsis, you’re probably wondering how this is a horror film. It’s not a horror film per se. But there are elements of horror in this. There are these phantoms that roam the marshes in the village. That’s basically the only thing that can considered horrifying. This film was released by Hammer, which did some amazing things. I’m a huge fan of Hammer and of Peter Cushing. I do say that this film is really good. Not much on horror, but still very fun to watch.


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