The 5 Worst Flicks I watched this October (2017)

Oh, the worst flicks I watched in October. A culmination of all the shit. Well, here we go. The following are the worst. Boring, bad production or whatever. I just didn’t enjoy these.

5. The Slayer- Never heard of this film before Scream Factory announced it’s release. I saw everywhere stating that this was an underrated slasher gem. I thought back and forth about purchasing the blu-ray, but ultimately decided against it. I bought a cheap copy. At least the logo was a fat-w. Crap movie and crap ending.


4. Cult of Chucky- I have been against this series since Seed of Chucky was released. With each sequel, I have that hope that this will be the film to restore my faith in Chucky.  Of course, I was letdown. Movie was incredibly lame. A left turn that totally shits on the entire mythos of the orignal 3 Child’s Play films that I love. Just wish they’d let Chucky die and rest forever. I’m sure in a few years, we’ll get another crappy sequel and it will get bootlegged and everyone will eat the movie’s dick. Rinse and repeat.


3. Dreamaniac- Such a huge letdown. Always remembered the classic art for the VHS. The film seemed as if it was going to be some sort of awesome Elm Street ripoff that would be passable. It wasn’t. Boring and bland. Only saving grace was Ashlyn Gere. Although, I can’t remember what she did in this.


2. Rock ‘n’ Roll Nightmare- Sigh. An impulse buy. I bought this and Black Roses. A night of Metalsploitation. This one seemed to be alright. Had a great fall setting. A love scene every 2 minutes. The music was good. But, it tried to be more and failed. It’s awful…

Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare (1987) 3

1. Night Train to Terror- Ah and last but definitely least. Night Train to Terror. A film for which I had huge hopes for. The poster was beautiful. A film about God and the Devil riding a train. Trains are one of my favorite settings for movies. What could go wrong? Well everything. As I said, in my review about the best part being between God and the Devil. The stories which are just cut together clips from movies weren’t good. I didn’t like any of them. There was an annoying band playing the same song over and over again. This movie really tested my patience.



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