FEED ME FRIDAY THE 13th #7- A New Beginning’s Anniversary!

If  Jason still haunts you… you’re not alone!

The tagline for the fifth Friday the 13th film. We all know the story, Jason was killed in the Final Chapter and it was for good. Then, Tommy Jarvis who killed Voorhees is sent to a rehabilitation center where murders start-up. Then we find out it was quiet Roy Burns who killed the troubled teens. His son was hacked to death over a candy bar.

The blowback on the film was bad that Paramount pictures decided to resurrect Voorhees in the next film. So, this was always hated much like Halloween III. People couldn’t handle Jason not being in the film.. although the first film in the franchise didn’t feature Jason until the end. But, I can understand, I love Jason.

I always had mixed feelings with this Friday flick. But, like a fungus, it grew on me. I love that its whacky. The characters are oddballs. The kills are good and of course that Debi Sue Voorhees scene. It fits in perfectly with the series and in my opinion, is funnier than Jason Lives (it’s always brought up with bringing humor to the series). Roy Burns is great and my 2nd favorite killer in the series. I am so happy that people are beginning to enjoy this one now. It’s fun.

Might as well talk about Roy Burns in other media. Earlier this year, I found a music video called “A New Beginning” it’s by a band called Wolfie’s Just Fine. It recounts the singers infatuation with Debi Sue and her scene. The kid gets transported into the movie and watches Roy Burns kill her and her boyfriend. Roy chases the kid and we get cuts in and out of real life. It amazes me that someone took the time and gave credit to this film. They recreated the scene down to a T.  The guy playing Roy was acting goofy, still a neat homage.

Of course, Friday the 13th: The Game added Roy Burns to the game. Which is something that I really wanted. The Pinehurst map was also added. His chase theme is fire and his kills are brutal. On another note, I find it funny as well, Roy Burns is always mistaken for Jason. Funko Pop is something that I hate released Jason Voorhees, but it had the blue chevrons on the mask. Also, a recent shirt had Roy instead of Jason. Then, in the NES Friday the 13th instruction manual, Jason is pictured, but it’s Roy.

I salute my chocolate bar to Friday the 13th Part 5 and here’s to 33 more years!


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