Rampage (2018) Review: Best Video Game Movie Ever?


Directed by Brad Peyton

Starring The Rock

Synopsis: The Rock plays an ape expert working at the San Diego Zoo. He works with a rare white ape named George. They have a good relationship. One night, a canister of some genetic gas falls into George’s enclosure and it mutates him. Other canisters mutate a wolf and an alligator. They all grow bigger and rampage through cities on their way to Chicago. So, The Rock must help his friend before the city gets leveled.

Review: Whenever a video game gets made into a movie, the first thing that pops into everyone’s mind is that it’s not going to be good. There’s a curse or something. I can usually agree. There’s never really been a good one. They usually differ from the games so much that it’s just slapping the name on movie and passing it off as something. I mean, it’s kinda hard to ruin a Rampage movie. The game was just giant monsters climbing buildings and destroying them. There was hardly anything to fuck up.

I’m relieved to inform you that Rampage was a pretty good flick. The monsters are represented well and their backstory’s were changed, but not in the Super Mario Bros 1993 way. In the games, they were mutated humans. On here it’s done a little better. Although, I wish Lizzie was more of a lizard. But she or he still looked pretty cool. George was given the most screen time and you get invested in him. When it would be just as easy to have made him a stereotypical Kong ripoff. Ralph (the Wolf) was pretty awesome and terrifying. Lizzie was monstrous and a true threat. The scene where all three work together to destroy the Sears Tower (yeah, I know it’s named something else but still) was a great scene.

Being such a fan of the game series and the genre of giant monsters, this is truly one of the best times to be alive.


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