Avengers: Infinity War (2018) First Impression Review (spoilers)


Directed by the Russo Brothers

Starring Robert Downey Jr.

Synopsis: The film begins where the after credits scene of Thor Ragnarok left off, with Thanos (the Mad Titan) boarding Thor’s ship and basically destroying everyone. Thanos begins to collect the infinity stones and he’s coming to Earth. So, the Avengers have to work together across the universe to stop Thanos from killing trillions!

Review: Wow! Just wow. I loved this film. For an almost 3 hour film, not once did I get bored with it. I was involved with it the entire time. It was a magical film where some of your favorite characters finally get to hang out. It’ll take me a few more watches, but it’s possible that this could become my favorite MCU film.

Thanos, is hands down, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s best villain. Killmonger can eat a dick compared to him. Thanos is a man who is very driven to let his destiny come true that he’s willing to kill the only person in the universe that he loves. This film was very emotional and very dark. The darkest Marvel film. I mean, at one moment, one character dies only to be brought back and be brutally killed again.

It’s unrelenting. But, not a total drag. The dynamic between the characters is believable. This is well acted, masterfully directed and strongly written. The Russo Brothers are masters, with Winter Soldier, Civil War and now this. I’m glad to live in this world. The next Avengers flick cannot get here fast enough.


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