One Year with WordPress!

Howdy strangers! It has been one year since I joined WordPress. It has been a pretty decent year. I hope that you who follow me have enjoyed the content that I provided you. I appreciate everyone who have supported me. … Continue reading One Year with WordPress!

Hold That Ghost (1941) Review

Directed by Arthur Lubin Starring Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Plot: Two gas station attendants, Ferdie (Costello) and Chuck (Abbott) were fired from their busboy jobs. They service a car of a gangster, who is shot and killed. They inherit the gangsters hotel. The two head to the hotel, which is supposedly haunted. Instead, some of the other gangsters try to kill Chuck and Ferdie. Anyway, both men and other folks stay the night in the hotel. Gangsters come to the hotel and try to scare the two. But, they only do silly things. Like sneak around in the hotel … Continue reading Hold That Ghost (1941) Review