One Year with WordPress!

Howdy strangers! It has been one year since I joined WordPress. It has been a pretty decent year. I hope that you who follow me have enjoyed the content that I provided you. I appreciate everyone who have supported me. … Continue reading One Year with WordPress!

Thoughts: The Ghostbusters Trailer

On the 3rd of March, the trailer for the new female led Ghostbusters film dropped and everyone is kinda split on everything. I’m going to provide my thoughts and feelings on the trailer. Now, I’m going to say this, I’m a Ghostbusters fan. It’s not my entire life, but I do like it. I watched the trailer with an open mind. Okay, so one of the first things I noticed was when it brought up the first GB film. They made a mistake in saying “four scientists saved New York”. Now, Ernie Hudson’s character, Winston was not a scientist. Also, … Continue reading Thoughts: The Ghostbusters Trailer